Trinfinity TV

Awakening the masses with empowering entertainment, content and commentary

Trinfinity TV

Trinfinity TV is to be an incorruptible online news site that is spiritually oriented, awakening and empowering people in relationship to worldly events, commenting on the current evolution of humanity, and is willing to disclose information otherwise kept secret. In addition, Trinfinity TV will have an extensive library of educational content that enlightens and empowers people, and offer frequent live events and workshops for the community.

Honest Commentary

Honest commentary on global events and how they fit in to the bigger picture of an enlightened civilization by 2035, and what you can do to help this vision manifest.

Library of Content

Extensive library of enlightening and empowering content. Retreats, workshops, and live events you can attend by teachers we approve of as being qualified and sincere.

Disclosure for Unity

Unafraid yet diplomatic, Trinfinity TV will report on the latest news from insiders into what's going on within the different branches of governmental and beyond-governmental secrecy, and suggest how to approach these discoveries in a way that empowers your life and this world into love and unity.

Life Style and Entertainment

Through blogs and content, selected individuals will create entertainment and share their life style choices and events with you, with an eye for enlightenment and empowerment.


Trinfinity TV will be a professional, quality platform for education and training on topics such as Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Disclosure (the truth about our history, our present, and our probable future as a civilization).

Trinfinity TV will have an extensive library of educational content (think Netflix but with enlightened content), live workshops, live shows, empowering and fun entertainment, and worldly news and disclosure-type reports. We'll educate people on what's happening out there in a way that's transparent and empowers them to utilize this information in an uplifting way, rather than receive it as a victim.

Some of the content you can expect:

  • Bentinho’s meetings and retreats, both live and recorded
  • Reports and new updates and disclosures from insiders of global and extra-terrestrial events
  • Commentary by skilled, perceptive and awake people on world events
  • Interviews with interesting people and leaders from around the world
  • Live coaching and integration workshops
  • Educational Comedy - fun and educational radio/TV shows/skits
  • Blog posts by different authors
  • Lifestyle media
  • Inspiring documentaries
  • Movie reviews - commentary of movies we feel carry a greater meaning than meets the eye

This platform will be combined with an app for mobile devices, so anywhere and at anytime you can tune into something that’s inspiring, uplifting, funny, informational, world-uniting, community-rich or downright entertaining.