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Creating a compendium of books by Bentinho Massaro


Publishing Bentinho Massaro’s Life-Changing Books

“People sometimes ask me if I think my teachings are the best overall. And my answer is always: Yes, of course. If what I was teaching you wasn’t the best stuff I know of, I would be doing you all a disservice by deliberately teaching you something that’s lesser than what I am aware of exists. I will always continue to learn from the very best stuff out there that I encounter and incorporate the best elements into the whole of what I teach in a balanced way, and improve upon it as time goes by. This is my service, my talent, my passion. This is my gift to the millions of spiritual seekers out there who are like me.”~ Bentinho Massaro

50,000 copies infirst month

It is our intention to reach 50,000 copies of Bentinho’s first book – Super Accelerated Living – sold in the first month after it is launched for sale on Amazon. Join us in making this happen!

100,000 copies in the first 3 months

We’re intending the sale of 100,000 copies of “Super Accelerated Living” within the first 3 months of it being published – by the end of February 2017. We’d love your support in reaching this important milestone.


Join us in co-creating our own publishing house to make Bentinhoa��s most important teachings available in book form. Initially, we will concentrate on books directly based on Bentinhoa��s meetings and retreats.A�We plan to release four or more books the first year, and many more in the coming years.

First Book is Published!

Bentinho’sA�first book, Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life, is now published and available for sale, both in paperback and e-book versions. Work has already begun on the second book, which will focus on transmuting limiting beliefs.

Please help us reach more people with this life-changing informationA�by purchasing copies of the book, writing an authentic review, and spreading the word to your networks and on social media.

No More Searching and Pausing of Videos!

Imagine what it will mean to our community to have quick access to Bentinhoa��s most popular teachings. No more searching titles on YouTube and then scanning and pausing videos to find material on a topic you want to studya��whether ita��s relationships, lack beliefs, shepherding consciousness, the 7 densities, or health issues.

All of the relevant teachings on a specific topic will be gathered into one placea��sourcing the material from retreats, Academy workshops, blog posts, and even personal conversations!
These books are aimed at folks who are really excited about integrating a specific method into their daily life, or perhaps deep-diving into the cosmological context of Bentinhoa��s teaching. Having a working manual that approaches the topic from all possible angles will accelerate the process.
Graphics, diagrams, and links to other relevant materials will also be included.

More Upcoming Publications

One of the upcoming books wea��re very excited about is a beautiful print book of Bentinhoa��s quotes with photographs in a 365-day format.

Another project is to create companion volumes for Trinfinity Academy courses. The first biography of Bentinho is also in preparation! And, as Trinfinity Publishing develops, it is our intention to possibly include works by other select authors endorsed by Bentinho Massaro.

Join us in co-creating Trinfinity Publishing, enabling us to exponentially reach more people who are ready for this information. In service of an Enlightened Civilization.




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