Trinfinity Practitioners Network

Creating a global network of enlightened facilitators, therapists and health care practitioners


Trinfinity Practitioners Network

Network of adepts

Wea��re creating a worldwide offering of coaches and facilitators who have embodied Bentinhoa��s teachings.

Expansion to more practitioners

The network could expand to include other types of aligned healthcare practitioners

Dedication to curation

Only those who continue to receive high marks from Trinfinity reviewers and from the people who have used their services will be offered in the network.


Here at Trinfinity Corp, we have quite a few very clear, awakened beings who have integrated most of Bentinho’s holistic teachings. They are excited to co-create an expanded, robust, worldwide platform for coaching, facilitating, teaching and support of well-being through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual coaching/facilitation.

We wish to create a platform for coaches and facilitators worldwide who will be able to offer their services through this network and be a�?endorseda�? by Bentinho Massaro or his expanding inner circle of facilitators and experts.

This platform could potentially grow to include other types of healthcare practitionersa��doctors, dentists, massage therapists, psychologists, etc., who have proven themselves to have a very grounded and clear understanding of Bentinho Massaro’s teachings. These would be practitioners who, even if not directly providing facilitation or one-on-one coaching on the teachings themselves, are practicing their services with a great sense of alignment, enlightenment, and empowerment.

Quality review will be a very important aspect of accepting new participants into this platform, as they will offer their services with the Trinfinity brand endorsing their work. We foresee quarterly check-ups by facilitators personally appointed by Bentinho, who will check in with these coaches on a regular basis. Users would also be able to review these practitioners and rate them.

With the Trinfinity Practitioners Network, our friends from all over the worlda��you guysa��could meet your needs for physical, emotional and spiritual support with professionals right in your neighborhood who you can trust have an increased awareness and expanded consciousness.