Meditation & Practices App

Creating an app that includes Bentinho's best guided meditations and key practices

Bentinho Massaro's Meditation and Practices App

Imagine having Bentinho's key practices, tools, reminders and guided meditations in your pocket—available to you any time, any place.

Take Bentinho with you

With these valuable tools in an app on your phone, you can upgrade yourself on the fly wherever you are.

All in One

We aim to collect the most important of Bentinho's messages and meditations—and to continually add new ones—and put them all inside of this one app.


We want everyone to be able to access Bentinho Massaro's guided meditations and suggested mental/vibrational/spiritual practices whenever the inspiration strikes.

While you are commuting to work (or to your favorite place to go that day), wouldn’t it be great to focus your vibration in a way that aligns you to receive greater joy and inspiration from your Higher Self? Imagine having this simple app on your phone that allows you to attract more health, wealth, inner freedom and self-realization, with reminders that effortlessly help you to master your vibration.