Trinfinity Education Programs

Creating programs, camps and schools to remind today's youth how free and powerful they really are

Trinfinity Education Programs


Tell a child confidently enough - once, early on in their life - that "Everything is possible" and they will, at some level of their consciousness, continue to believe that for the rest of their life.

Children are the future

Children are our future. Teach them about life, consciousness, alignment, integrity, love, spirituality, eternity, law of attraction and empowerment, and they will upgrade this civilization for us and all future generations to come.

Programs that go Viral

Imagine a website with free downloadable programs containing teachings as found in Trinfinity Academy, but tailored to children of different age groups. People everywhere can download these packages and offer them to their children, friends and even approach their schools with it. Before you know it, these programs will be viral.

Join the movement

By supporting Trinfinity with your funding now, you directly enable us to create these programs that will change humanity's collective consciousness in a single generation. We intend to have the first of these programs ready to go viral in 2017.


One of Trinfinity's main goals is to transform education. Anything taught to a youthful person takes hold much more deeply and powerfully than when taught to adults. The way to ensure we have an enlightened civilization by 2035 is to make sure that proper spiritual and empowerment based education programs make it into schools and reach children of all ages.

By offering such programs based in Trinfinity Academy's teachings, we intend to gradually transform education and make this knowledge mainstream.

We believe that if we can plant those seeds in children's consciousness at an early age, they will be able to draw from these tools and ideas for the rest of their life and take humanity safely, intelligently and abundantly into its own future. It is time that the adults get out of the way of--and support--their often brilliant kids and expose them to education that truly matters; education aimed at understanding life, existence, and how to live a human life in full alignment, awareness and empowerment. We also mean to expose them to a way of educating that allows them to explore what they are innately passionate about.


We estimate that $75,000 will enable us to create tailored educational programs for children of different age groups, and package them into downloadable files that parents, school teachers, students and deans can freely or almost freely download and offer to the existing schools that they are in touch with through their profession or their children. These are programs that do not disrupt the existing school system, but rather infuse it with greater awareness and self-realization.

We envision a system of downloadable online packages, available to anyone inspired to offer their children and/or their local school, that goes viral and ignites an unstoppable wildfire of awakened consciousness in children all around the world.


Included in this vision is creating an actual school where we can implement this new style of learning. The beginnings of this are already in motion with the creation of Trinfinity Youth’s Super Hero Camp which went off successfully in the summer of 2016.

Our intention is to provide a space where children are able to follow their excitement and get in touch with the present moment and their own innate knowing.

We desire to purchase an amazing piece of land where we can create more retreats and camps for children and teenagers where we can combine learning and nature into a dynamic educational programs. Until then, we will be finding beautiful places to rent where we can hold these events.

There is so much scope and possibility around this vision--we have many brilliant people with exciting ideas to transform the education system now!

Join us in co-creating this grand vision of giving our children a new way to learn and to be what they truly are. Let’s do this together and let’s do this now!



Join us in creating a snowball effect that will benefit our entire civilization. This vision needs your vibrational and financial vote now!

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