Trinfinity Projects


It is our intention to create a massive ripple effect that will benefit our entire civilization.

We are initiating, co-creating and funding projects that show great promise in the building of rapid momentum toward realizing a New Earth - a planet where heightened well-being, harmonious interrelating, conscious awareness, a healthy planetary sphere, sustainability and spiritual acceleration for all is the norm, not the missing link.

The time is now.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s do this together!

Wave 1

Current & Immediate Projects
Spiritual Healing with Traditional Wellness Techniques as Concept

Trinfinity Academy

New FREE Site Launched!

Enlightening 1 million lives
by 2018


Trinfinity Network

Design Phase

Connecting every truth-seeker and light-bringer on Earth

Bewitched Book With Magic Glows In The Darkness

Trinfinity Publishing

First Book Published!

Creating a compendium of books by Bentinho Massaro

Trinfiinty Practitioners Network

Trinfinity Practitioners Network

Design Phase

Creating a global network of enlightened facilitators and health practitioners

A futuristic video wall with 100 screens

Trinfinity TV

Definition Phase

Awakening the masses with empowering entertainment, content, and commentary

Wave 2

Near-Term Projects

Vibrational Healing App

Initiation Phase

Developing  an app to guide you back to health through vibrational awareness

ABC metallic cubes

Academy For Beginners

Initiation Phase

Creating a super simple Academy for seekers new to (or afraid of) spirituality


Meditation & Practices App

Initiation Phase

Creating an app that includes Bentinho's best guided meditations and key practices

Wave 3

Envisioned Projects
Project Management and Teamwork Completing the Race

Super Accelerated Lifestyle

Offering essential tools for a spiritually vibrant and accelerated life

Ausserirdisches Raumschiff

Disclosure & Open Contact

Helping to prepare the world for our cosmic family's imminent open contact

astral projection inducer

Astral Projection Inducer

Facilitating easier out-of-body travel with ancient technology

Medical Research and Corporate Technology As Art

Trinfinity Tech Lab

Creating a place for exploring, innovating and shaping reality

Image of a man floating inside of a sensory deprivation isolation tank, also known as a salt water floatation tank, a tank used in meditation, therapy and alternative medicine. This image has darker water.

Darkness Retreat Facility

Creating a completely dark meditation facility, allowing the inner lights to awaken

A woman lifts her arms in praise at sunset

Trinfinity Property

Creating sustainable models of living with advanced technology

Virtual reality city / 3D render of miniature holographic city in human hand

Trinfinity Virtual Reality

Integrating imagination and Trinfinity Network with physical reality

theater spot light with smoke against grunge wall

Trinfinity Films

Offering a collection of enlightening and empowering films


Trinfinity Records

Offering a collection of enlightening and empowering music

Wave 4

Longer-Term Vision
Los Angeles downtown buildings at night

Trinfinity City