“What happens when you jump headlong into something, announce it publicly to a highly enthusiastic community, and then realize you need to make a course correction?”

Do you:

(a) Decide not to make a change because you might look like you dona��t know what youa��re doing?

(b) Make the changeA�quietly and hope nobody notices? or

(c) Make the course correction that you feel strongly will best serve the mission of the organization and openly communicate not only the new direction but the varying considerations that factored into the decision?

At Trinfinity, there really is no question. Transparency is baked into the DNA of this organization and its individual contributors.

So, here goesa��.

The Charted Course

At the recent Eye of the Hurricane retreat in Sedona, Bentinho Massaro announced the launch of the new Trinfinity.us website. HeA�reviewed all the projects currently in process or in the planning stages that aim to boldly serve the mission of Trinfinity: an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

As part of this grassroots effort, Trinfinity is initially taking a crowdfunding approach to getting these high-impact projects in motion.

We announced that all financial contributions toA�this movement would beA�tax-deductible and wouldA�go to Trinfinity Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The non-profitA�direction was based onA�our strong desire and intent to make it as beneficial as possible for people who are excited about co-creating this vision to contribute financially in a win-win way.

The Choppy Waters

Once we delved more deeply into the implications of funding these projects through a strictly nonprofit organization, however, we began to see more and more limitations, downsides, and threats to the full expression of the potential for the Trinfinity mission.

Hold the phonea�� time to regroup.

On its face, it seems so simple. Trinfinity is a mission-driven organization, deeply committed to the betterment of humanity and the planet. Tax-exempt organizations are intended to support organizations serving a public benefit by granting tax benefits to contributors. A perfect fit, right?

Well, actually . . .

Due to the extreme regulatory oversight and requirements involved, we found that by pursuing a strictly nonprofit model we would be limiting ourselves, our community, and the success and sustainability of the Trinfinity mission in the following ways:

  • Donations to the Foundation are currently tax-exempt only for US citizens, which doesn’t fit wellA�withA�our global community approach.
  • We would be unable to accept contributionsA�in exchange for shares in the corporation, turning away a whole population of enthusiastic investors who could potentially catapult projects to the next level.
  • We would be prevented from exploring emerging new models of funding and capitalization.
  • We would be significantly restricted in collaborating with other organizations in the future.
  • We would be under continual scrutiny of all spending that, while completely in alignment with the mission of co-creating an enlightened civilization, could be called into question and deemed unacceptable through a highly subjective determination by those who are not on the same wavelength with our abundance-for-all mindset.

Perhaps most importantly, Trinfinity is founded on the principles of expansion, abundance, personal sovereignty, self-determination, and unlimited potential. When it began to feel like continuing along the nonprofit-only path would be in conflict with these fundamental principles, we knew it would not ultimately be sustainable.

The Course Correction

It wasn’t a question of profit versus non-profit. It was how do we live (as a species)?
~ Elon Musk

In keeping with our best-of-all-worlds perspective, we have decided to create a hybrid structure that includes both a for-profit corporation and a non-profit organization.

Under the existing laws and regulations, we are required to keep these entities very distinct from each other.

In reviewing the Trinfinity projects to determine which would be best served in a for-profit or a nonprofit framework, we leaned in favorA�ofA�maintaining the most flexibility for all projects other than those best suited to a traditional nonprofit structure.

It became clear that the Trinfinity Education Programs project is a natural fit with the existing framework that isA�allowed for a nonprofit charitable organization.

There is a great deal of excitement and momentum around the Trinfinity Education Programs and many of these people are most enthusiastic about being able to have their contributions be tax-exempt. We also envision the Education project expanding to include enlightenment and empowerment education directed toward specific underserved populations such as homeless, inmates, and battered women a��A�all of which fit naturally with a traditional nonprofit model.

The Trinfinity Education Programs project will be relocated to a separate website exclusively for the nonprofit Trinfinity Foundation. The new siteA�will describe and track the progress of the Education project, and any future charitable programs we may initiate, and will be set up to receive tax-deductible donations for theseA�programs.

The contributions that we have received since launching the Trinfinity.us site are still sitting in our processing accounts and have not been moved into the Trinfinity Foundation (or any other) bank account. We will be directly communicating with those who have already contributed and we are happy to return their money if this course correction changes their desire to support the Trinfinity projects.

As always, we appreciate your enthusiastic support and trust in us as we navigate through these uncharted waters to find together the best way to co-create an enlightened civilization by 2035.

Holly McCann
CEO, Trinfinity Corp.