About Us


Trinfinity is the corporation founded by Bentinho Massaro to execute our vision of an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

Trinfinity initiates, funds and oversees projects and companies designed to set free all of humanity within the next 20 years by generating physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual well-being planet-wide -- mainly through the means of empowerment education, advanced technology, disclosure and sheer mass inspiration leading to “unity behavior”.

Together we can make "Heaven on Earth" a reality -- not only for future generations, but for the one we belong to now. We've wasted enough time; let's actually transform our collective -- just because we can and just because we want to. Find out how…


Started out young, as an earnest and intense seeker of truth. As his Self-Realization and teaching capabilities deepened and improved quickly over the years, he became determined to lay out a concise map of methods to help free humanity from its slavery to negativity and confusion. This desire for a highly efficient, no-nonsense spiritual education system that suits our day and age, resulted in Trinfinity Academy, an online university for enlightenment and empowerment.

Now that his life's initial mission--to create the most comprehensive and accessible online school for enlightenment and empowerment--has been accomplished, he has readied himself for the next stage of his mission: To help humanity be a 100% enlightened and harmonious civilization by the year 2035. Trinfinity--the umbrella brand/movement/corporation--aims to achieve this by initiating and funding projects and applications that show great promise in the building of rapid momentum toward realizing a planet where heightened well-being, harmonious interrelating, conscious awareness, a healthy planetary sphere, sustainability and spiritual acceleration for all is the norm, not the missing link.