Join us in co-creating
an Enlightened Civilization
by 2035


We as privileged human beings, especially those in a comparatively high state of self-realization, are the shepherds of this planet and all of its inhabitants. If we are not inspiring the world to better itself from the inside-out, no creature will. So far we've not done a great job. But it's ok.

Things are changing rapidly. The age of spiritual ignorance, mass complacency and self-victimization, corporate greed, segregation, meta-governmental deception and the abuse of our planetary sphere has come to an end---the age where thousands, soon millions, of empowered human beings realize their independent strength to create their own reality, make their own choices freely, and inspire worlds of people into greater benefit, has now truly begun.

Join me, fellow shepherds, in tipping the scale, as there is no one to wait for to set this planet free from its delusions. You/we are the ones we're waiting for. It is you and your courageous, self-transcending devotion to a great unifying vision that we so desperately desire. You are crucial to this planet's harmonious evolution. Please realize this power and address your life accordingly.

I will do everything within my power to inspire millions during my lifetime, but I need and want your help to complete this collective shift sooner, rather than too late.